What are your prices?

Our prices are subject to change based on availability and other market factors. After you contact us, we will send you an updated price list.

Wholesale LCD Packing

Mobile phone LCD Packed with anti-static bag, bubble bags and foam box, which ensure your goods' safety

We accept your packing, can, logo and image etc, all by customers' request.
During the packaging process, preventive measures will be taken by us to assure that the goods are in a good condition during storage and delivery .
If product is broken during transportation due to improper packing, the responsibility will be bear by the seller.

Shipment for LCD Display

How long will it take to deliver goods of LCD Display?

We will ship your order within 3-7 days of placing it. We will send you a tracking number the day after the shipment.
For cash on delivery option, please contact the corresponding sales.

What kind of transportation methods you offer for mobile phone lcd?

For spare parts, for Europe and America, we will consider using DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT and EMS express.
For customers in Southeast Asia, we mainly choose J&T. For large packages, we will use air and sea freight and confirm the freight cost with the buyer before shipment.

After-sale service

What about the warranty you offer?

What kind of warranty service do you provide?

Individual product problems, after confirming that it is our problem, we will take the first time to take the problem product replacement service, if the customer can fix it by themselves, we can also send the parts needed for the repair to the customer free of charge, so that the customer can try to fix it by themselves, and the repaired product belongs to the customer himself. We will not provide warranty or replacement service if the following situations occur:
1). Human damage;
2). The product has been used;
3). Our labels are broken.